Napalm, mornings and something about loving you long time.  Expect this and more on the Day0 Rising Storm 2:Vietnam Server.  Admining by the same awesome team who brought you the top ranking Australian Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm server.  Jump on the server and even better on teamspeak to get your Nam action on. 
Day0 Teamspeak and game servers offline due to a server glitch. Working on restoring services but it may take some time. Hope to be back up ASAP.
Join us on discord at:
Teamspeak and main server are now back online.
Blackwake is a fun fast paced PvP Naval combat game in the age of sail.  The game had a successful kickstarter and has been developed by a two man team(One dev is an Aussie!).  Blackwake recently released on steam, check out this link.  
Never one to miss an opportunity to make inappropriate naval/pirate jokes we have brought up a Day0 Blackwake server for Australian and New Zealand salty sailors.  We have had a few sessions and the game play has been both hilarious but requires teamwork and good comms to be victorious.
 Any issues, suggestions or general discussions please go the the dayo forums here.
Day0 website and forums will look a bit weird for the next few days.
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